Providing exceptional
orthopaedic care
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Expert diagnosis and treatment of the muscles, bones and joints.

Stanton L. Longenecker, MD, has devoted his life to the delivery of general and specialized orthopaedics and the restoration of the musculoskeletal system through non-invasive, minimally invasive and complex surgeries.

Dr. Longenecker, MD is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (AAOS).

Meet Dr. Longenecker

His remarkable rate of only 1 patient in 6,000 joint surgical infection is far below the 1-in-100 that is common in the field. This is a testament to his expertise.

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Joint Pain Relief

Dr. Longenecker’s engineering background is beneficial to his surgical expertise in joint replacement surgery, and it enhances his ability to allow for bone to naturally integrate with the total joints he uses to relieve your pain.

Sports Medicine Expert

Dr. Longenecker raised his family in Jacksonville, and is a vibrant part of and leader in the sports medicine community. He has been a valued “team physician” through the years, and is known for his volunteer support of many community sports events.

Community Volunteer

For years, Dr. Longenecker has given back to his community. His volunteer service is exemplified by years of service at WeCare, an organization dedicated to helping others in need of medical services.

Patient Testimonials

There is nothing more powerful than a testimonial by a former patient. Dr. Longenecker now treats generations of patients, their family members and friends.

“He just couldn’t believe I was walking and putting weight on it (osteoarthritis)…”
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“My second hip was replaced just three months ago (first one not in Jacksonville), and the difference between the traditional and anterior way was night and day…”
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He said, ‘We’re going to fix you!’”
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“I was hobbling real bad and limping…”
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