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Knee Replacement Options for Women

Stanton L. Longenecker, MD, is widely recognized for his orthopaedic surgical expertise and is a resource for other surgeons. That’s why Zimmer Corporation called upon him to be one of the designers for a revolutionary new “gender-specific knee”. It is obvious that women’s bodies are different than men’s, so there was a demand by women for a female knee replacement device.

A woman’s knee is less prominent than a man’s knee. Traditional knee replacements seemed bulky to some women, therefore they felt the range of motion was limiting. Women  have a distinctive shape and angle to their knee. The angle between the hip and knee is critical regarding its affect on the kneecap, as well. Some women were experiencing an overhang with traditional devices, which resulted in future conditions of the surrounding ligaments and tendons. So, Dr. Longenecker was called to join the international design team to develop a new “gender-specific” knee, one that was contoured to fit anatomically in a women’s knee and created a more natural feel, more natural movement and one that the patient felt was more comfortable. Patients soon told him, “It is like having my (old) knee back.” If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for this knee  specialized device, just call the office.

Dr. Longenecker works with other leading joint replacement devices, and he will choose the best one to fit your particular need.

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